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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slipping Away

I called my little brother, and told him to get his butt up here and see his mother, and he needed to deal with this, because if he didn't, he'd never forgive himself. And he wouldn't. He's going to try to get up here earlier. He's stalled long enough. I do understand, but now it's time for him to show up.

My father is calling my elder brother to tell him his trip in late June is too far out, and to get his butt out here sooner as well.

It's not that we think she won't make it that long. It's that, we aren't sure she will make it that long and do you really want to leave this to chance?

I fly out tomorrow, and I know I'll never see her again, and that hurts, and it's painful, but my being here made her feel a bit happier for a small bit of time. My sister flys out in two weeks.

Cancer has got to be one of the worst scourges of our day. Okay, bubonic plague it's not, but sometimes it sure feels like it.


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