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Monday, April 23, 2007

Home not so Sweet Home

My mom is home, and has a nurse come and visit most of the week. This is nice. However, due to insurance reasons (from what I understand) she can't leave the house, because if she does, she loses the home visits. Now, she's not exactly in the mood to leave the house, but it'd be nice to leave the option open.

She needs the home visits. My father has to work and already took a chunk of family leave, and is already working a mixed 'at work/at home' schedule. She can't remember all the medications she has to take and when, and already had to go back to the hospital Saturday for dehyrdation.

So yes, she's home, which she likes, but not really able to do much. She started chemo and goes once every three weeks. This is to shrink the tumor as much as they can. They can't get rid of it. I've been on about that.

I talk to her once a day and on some days she's chipper and on others not so much. Understandable. It varies, but she's in pain so chipper is fantastic for me.

I'm hoping to see her mid to end of May, after I talk to my sister to find out if the end of May would be better.

She was feeling better, just getting her spirit and energy back, and this damned thing came back, and knocked her out again. It's hard on her. She has a lot of spirit, a lot of will, but this is, like so many things in life, not fair.


Blogger David said...

Insurance companies are evil fucking bastards.

If we ever do get some sort of single-payer national health care system in the country (unlikely, but just suppose), I'll rejoice to see those organizations evaporate.

As for all the lower level people who work for them -- well, that's morally trickier.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Lahdeedah said...

You know, I hate them too.

My sister was a lowly cog for an insurance company and had to quit. She's in the medical field (corpman, worked in hospitals, now a microbiologist with a passion for micro...things...) and couldn't reconcile working at the place with her sense of moral correctness.

I wish they'd all evaporate in a puff of toxic burning gas. I would love a national health care system.

8:11 PM  

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