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Monday, April 09, 2007


My dad took my mom to the hospital last night, on Easter. She wanted a ham, because she believes in celebrating holidays, but the ham was too much.

She's been throwing up everything, including liquid, and the pain medication stopped working.

So she is now in the hospital, on pain medication and being treated for dehydration. Hopefully she's feeling better.

My dad will call me tonight with more information. I'm hoping she'll feel well enough to talk, but I had this awful nightmare last night and I can't shake it. It's normal to, I know.

It's just, Easter was the first time I can ever remember, that she was too sick to talk to me. I talk to the woman practically every day, even if only for her to say she'll talk later.

They do the biopsy on Wednesday, but just two weeks ago, this was just a small pain. Now, she can't even eat.

I'm afraid of what they will find.


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