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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Going Natural

My mother said it was too much to take, the chemo, the pain, the medicines, so she has decided to go natural.

My father saw that she wasn't comfortable, and wasn't happy, he thought he could make her comfortable, and tweak her medicines and make her feel better, but it didn't work, and he finally talked to her about what the doctors said.

She decided to go natural, and will be telling the doctors on Friday that she doesn't want chemo, since it's only making her sicker, and make her hair fall out, which she happens to love, her hair. It's great hair, I don't blame her. A beautiful salt and pepper color that will never now turn fully salty.

She called and when I said hi, she said "I'm going to go natural' calm as could be.

We talked, she asked me about my dreams, about what I thought would happen, where she would go... lovely morning coffee conversations...

Soon, there will be a day I don't hear her voice on the phone. A day for the first day ever, I don't call her, because she won't be there to call. My phone won't ring every morning, with her voice on the other end.

Yeah, we were close.

So I will see her one last time, hopefully, if she surives til then. If not, well, I knew in June it might be the last time. And I have her voice every day for a little while longer.


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