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Friday, April 13, 2007


My new word of the month:

1.Pathology. (of malignant cells or disease-producing organisms) to spread to other parts of the body by way of the blood or lymphatic vessels or membranous surfaces. spread injuriously transform, esp. into a dangerous form: The KGB metastasized after the fall of the Soviet Union. Truth metastasized into lurid fantasy.

As in, my mother's cancer may have metastized, and has been found in another location.

Now, they don't know if it has, they, at last check, did not think so, but it may have, and that is what the CT scans are for (I think). I wouldn't be surprised if it did, it's rather a large mass, but I'm not going to try to guess.

The good news of the morning:

She is eating again, yay, and we did talk on the phone. She didn't want me to get off the phone, so I rattled nonsensically, until she became too tired to talk. She then did the same with my sister.

So she can talk, and is more coherent, which means she can potentially go home next week. My sister and I are making plans to see her, at different times. I will know on Monday when I'm going, and we are going to beg a ticket off of my mother-in-law's wonderful husband, who has several gazillion free miles he can't possibly use. I'm hoping to go out end of this month or early May.

The prognosis is still poor. It's just, she may have a little time left, before she passes away. Weeks, maybe months, but no more. She can't beat it, but at least she has time to prepare (if somebody will get around to informing this wonderful woman that she is dying, it seems they all want to protect her.... argh....).


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