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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ah, the rat out of the bag

As I mentioned, that sneaky suspicion that my father knew...

He did.

My sister ratted him out.
They had a huge fight over it. Nothing to stress about over that, that is normal.
She has an optimistic nine months, at best. Could be less. Weeks, to a few months.
Perhaps the test results will change that estimation, making it less.

The one thing that is important, that my father isn't understanding, is that we, the family, are adults now, and whether or not we can handle it is not relevant. We have to handle it. I understand he wants to protect everyone, and I'm not going to yell at him about how he's handling this, my sister has taken that fight on. My sister and I have figured it out. He should tell my brothers, her sisters, the people that love her... but most of all...

Most of all, he has to tell my mother. Why keep it from her? She is the one, after all, dying.


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