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Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting, waiting waiting

We could have had the results today, to my mom's tests. But my father went to work. I don't blame him. He hsan't scoured the net like I have, like my sister has. Nobody has really told him much of anything. Or, or maybe they have and he's thinking he's protecting us. The results are not going to be good. We know this, now. After my father left in the morning, he was told by the nurse upon his return he HAD to be there tomorrow. Nurses talked to my mother about how yes, it'd be nice if she got better, but how she was very very sick.

I do not know if my father will call and tell me anything tomorrow, or the day after, or when. I hope he has simply been trying to protect us. I hope he will not be devastatingly crushed with this news, that he has been preparing himself for it.

I also wish that I was not so sure that the news would be so bad.


Also, today 33 people died senselessy in a mass shooting in Va. I am sorry for their families, and for their friends, and angry that in America, this happens. It makes the news. But nothing is really done.


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