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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It is September, Mom

Sometimes, out of the blue, I think of her, my mother.
Sometimes, I don't shove the memories back down into the nice little hole I keep them.
Sometimes, it all comes back up, that whole death thing.
Sometimes, I wonder... why haven't I taken down the old photo albums?
Sometiems, I have imaginary conversations with her.
Sometimes, I think, if I called her for advice, what would she say?
Sometimes, people talk about their mothers, and I miss mine.
Sometimes, I wonder if my faith died with her.
Sometimes, I wonder at all the things that did go with her.
Sometimes, I look at my children and wish she could see them too.
Sometimes, I wish I could hug her.
Sometimes, I'd settle for a slight touch.
Sometimes, though. Just sometimes.


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